Everything You Need to Know About Offshore Development Services in India

Tired of the soaring costs of software development in the U.S. and Europe? Consider offshoring your software development processes in Bangalore!

India has recently emerged as a leading destination for tech companies seeking skilled engineering talent at an affordable cost. Major hubs like Bangalore offer a huge pool of skilled developers, favourable time zones, and operational costs that are far lower than in the West.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the unique benefits of offshore software development services in India. You’ll learn why Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of Asia,” is one of the most attractive places for tech leaders looking to move operations.

Offshore software development services: the basics
Companies are increasingly outsourcing tech work abroad to access specialised skills and cost savings. By partnering with reliable offshore development organisations, US, UK, and European companies can tap into global talent pools to combat their tech talent shortages.

Here are some key terms worth knowing:

Offshore development: Shifting certain tech operations overseas to leverage expertise and cost efficiencies. Example: a US firm outsourcing software development to Bangalore for rapid team expansion.

Offshore development services: IT services like software development, maintenance, and quality assurance by dedicated teams. Example: a European company hiring 11 Magento engineers for an e-commerce platform.

Offshore development company: Experts in building software teams for global businesses. Example: An Indian firm creating a long-term software team for a UK corporation.

Offshoring vs. outsourcing
Offshoring differs from outsourcing. Offshore firms build dedicated teams that function like in-house staff. These developers integrate into the company’s workflow and align with internal goals and culture. Outsourcing involves hiring external help for specific projects.


Long-term partnerships
Developers are 100% focused on the organisation’s goals and requirements
Focus on quality, efficiency, and alignment
High level of control over the development team

Typically, short-term partnerships
Developers often handle multiple clients and projects simultaneously
Focus on cost savings over quality
Low level of control and less direct influence over the team’s success
What makes India a top choice for offshore software development?

Access to skilled talent
In 2022, India graduated over 2.6 million students with degrees in STEM fields compared to just 716,000 STEM graduates in the US. Beyond sheer numbers, Indian engineers are well-suited to bridge talent gaps for international firms. Extensive training in information technology and English fluency enable Indian developers to integrate seamlessly into teams and workflows abroad.

Western senior developers often charge €60-190 per hour, with no guarantee of superior service. However, India’s lower living costs allow senior developers to charge around €38 per hour. The talent is more affordable without sacrificing quality.

Fostering cultural alignment
Building an offshore team involves more than just tech skills. Cultural unity with your mission and values is equally as important. With the world’s second largest English-speaking population, India offers easy alignment. The shared language removes barriers for integrating offshore talent.

Key considerations for selecting an offshore development partner in India
Scalability and flexibility – choose a partner that can accommodate changing business needs.

Hands-off operations – look for a partner that handles HR, onboarding, and administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on core business functions.

Leadership and management – partner with experienced professionals who prioritise transparent communication, regular updates, and reporting.

Case studies/testimonials – find partners with proven success through case studies and testimonials.

Industry awareness – choose a partner who stays up-to-date with current industry trends.

Emerging trends in offshore software development services in India

Expertise in new technologies
Indian companies cultivate specialised AI talent to drive innovation. They focus on applied skills to develop, deploy and manage AI systems – not just use tools. This talent fuels new solutions, applications and offerings. It enables partners to pioneer AI products and keep pace with fast-evolving tech advances.

Emphasis on cybersecurity
Cybersecurity has become a top priority for Indian offshore partners, driven by the rising costs of data breaches. Organisations with certifications like ISO/IEC 27001 gain an edge. Protecting data is crucial as breaches pose major financial risks.

Cross-team collaboration
In 2023, effective cross-team collaboration goes beyond communication; it’s about achieving synergy. Leading offshore development companies in India are actively integrating offshore developers into clients’ processes and methodologies. This collaborative approach improves project outcomes and fosters long-term partnerships, making offshore teams an extension of the client’s organisation.

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In conclusion
Looking to access world-class tech talent on a reasonable budget? Partner with an offshore software development services provider in India’s premier tech hub, Bangalore. Build your expert team that delivers maximum value and watch your business become an industry leader!